3 Ways to Reframe Your Thoughts to Reach Your Goals

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What if I told you that your life is always moving in the direction of your strongest thoughts. Here is one huge arena that we don't take into account when focusing on our health: our internal dialogue.

At all times, there is an internal dialogue in our brains that is dictating almost every single thing that we do.

And we rarely challenge it.

We spend all of our focus, effort, and energy changing the things that we DO. But never working on changing the person that we ARE. There is a difference between a yogi and someone who should do yoga.

If you want to change your habits for a week, start doing different things. If you want to change your habits for a lifetime, start BELIEVING different things.

Some people go their entire life making every decision based on belief systems that are not true.

"They will never love me. I will never be X. I need to be X. I am not capable of X. They would never accept me if I was X." So you can see, if your thoughts are not challenged, your thoughts are not true. Let's take a moment to challenge some of the thoughts in your brain and just WATCH how they can transform your behaviors.


Here are some thoughts to reframe that will make a huge difference:


1. I will start over tomorrow...

Welcome to the horrendous world of the "might as well" mentality.

If you are going to start over tomorrow, WHY would you have a reasonable amount of sugar tonight? It’s literally your last chance to eat all you can while you can (before you put yourself on another cleanse)

Might as well means that you are no longer worth it.

Might as well means you have already failed so tonight is just a “wash”

Might as well means that you will start over on Monday.

Might as well is what has started endless binges and endless detoxes on endless “Monday’s.” 

It’s what keeps the toxic cycle going.

It’s what absolutely kills sustainability and self trust.

The issue of starting your diet tomorrow is that it never allows you to be truly, imperfectly, consistently healthy. Because there is always tomorrow to be perfect, and we incorrectly define health as perfection. Hey, here is a relief, YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN AND WILL NEVER BE PERFECT. So let's stop waiting until we can be! Maybe we can try balanced?!

But this isn't how our physiology works. Your body is still metabolizing, digesting, and WORKING for you- even if you have mentally checked out. What if you never gave up on your body?

What if that dessert table wasn’t BAD, what if you could have 2 or 3 desserts and move on with the people around you, rather than feeling uncomfortable in your skin and full of guilt? What if you didn’t have to start over ever again?


Instead of:

"I might as well start over tomorrow and eat 20 more"


Try this:

"I don't have to start over tomorrow. My body is still working for me, I can still work for it. This next meal, movement, moment is in my control."


This results in a lot less sabotage and a lot more RESPECT for the body you are living in.

Head to this podcast ALL about how to never start over again!


2. I will show up when...

When you have this idea of all you will be and do only when you lose weight, you refuse to start your life until the scale reaches a certain number.

There are even some schools of thought that theorize this causes people to engage in self sabotaging behavior (like overeating or binge eating) out of fear. Because we use weight as something to give us boundaries, to give us a reason why we aren’t pushing our limits.

This mindset will keep you small and will keep you shackled. The world needs what you have to give now, and it doesn’t care what size jeans you are wearing.

This is the same rationale as "I won't start jogging until I can run my first marathon." It doesn't work that way.

And very quickly you can see that you will keep running your first marathon as THE REASON you never start jogging. What would it look like if you stopped waiting for weight loss to start showing up? What if you got really good at showing up NOW?

Hint: your chances of reaching your goals skyrocket.


3. I "should"... 

Some of the most frustrating sentences in your mind right now are the lists of all of the things you SHOULD be doing.

All of the foods you "should or shouldn't" be eating. All of the exercises you "should" be doing.

This turns your health into a nagging list of things that you have to do, rather than an effortless, natural, lifestyle. The word "should" reiterates that it is something YOU DON'T WANT TO DO. Why are you using so much mental energy telling yourself who you aren't, or what you don't want to do?

Stop "Shoulding" yourself.


Instead of:

"I should work out"


Try this:

"I get to work out."

"I am an active person." 

"I am thankful I can move."


Rewiring your mindset is one of the things we do with all of our clients. Because thinking differently is the first thing needed to live differently.

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