Learn how to stop dieting and start nourishing your body sustainably


Personalized Health Coaching

Health is holistic, and so personal. I am not going to fit you into a protocol, or align you to a calculated template. I work alongside clients one on one to create sustainable lifestyle implementations to change more than just their week, their month, or their year, but to change their life. I believe that change comes when there is an understanding as to why that change is necessary. I want to encourage and equip you to know WHY it is that you are doing what you are doing, so that you can do it forever. 

My passion is rooted in helping clients reshape their relationship with food and their bodies, to achieve optimal hormonal and gut health, and to learn what it feels like to function and live well. I have helped clients balance their hormones, clear their skin, break sugar addiction, manage their stress levels, become more productive and efficient in daily life, and much more. 

Starting with a 60 minute consultation, we will dive into your health history and your specific goals, and start to make lifestyle changes to benefit your body and educate you each step of the way. 

Weekly check in's via email will help us monitor progress and provide the accountability you need to achieve your goals.

I see clients from all over the United States and can conduct consultations via email, through phone calls, or skype. 

I focus specifically on lifestyle and nutrition strategies to improve:

Gut Health

Hormone Balance

Skin Clarity

Healthy Weight

Sustained Energy

Healthy habits, not fad diets

Relationship to food and to body

What Clients Are Saying


I have been working with Lindsay for about 5 months now and I have loved every second of it! She has encouraged me throughout my entire journey and has helped me develop a better understanding of what I am fueling my body with. Not only have I seen results in my physical appearance but I have also built a positive relationship with food and can say I love living a healthy lifestyle. Without Lindsay's continual encouragement through texts, phone calls, meetings and emails I genuinely do not think I would be as successful. I am so thankful for all she has taught and continues to teach me about my health and wellness!

Audrey P.

Lindsay helped me with my extra honeymoon weight a couple years ago. She certainly left an impression on me, because she was the first person I thought of to help me get the baby weight off over this past year. I knew she was the only one that could help me meet my goals because she is absolutely everything I needed: Accountability partner, nutritionist, knowledgeable trainer, good at targeting problem areas, FRIEND. Lindsay takes the trainer/client relationship and turns it on her head. She takes you under her wing, learns as much as she can about you, genuinely cares about your life outside of the gym, and walks with you through it all. She loves with her entire being, and puts 150% of her heart in soul in to helping her clients meet their goals. She doesn’t care what the number on the scale is when you walk through that door. She cares about your mind and your heart, and what will make you the healthiest you can be. Her knowledge of nutrition is outstanding-I’ve never met anyone in my life as passionate about what we put in our bodies as her! In less than a year, I have lost well more than the baby weight, and I’m still going only because of the impact Lindsay has had on my life. Because of her, my entire life is changed. She inspired me to start exercising every single day, and making sure that what I eat will only benefit me. No matter who you are or where you are in your fitness journey, this girl will change your life for the better!!

Amanda M.

I had struggled with an extra 15 pounds for the last 10 years.  I had incorporated exercise into my routine, but wasn’t able to make the complete transition to a healthy lifestyle.  Then I met Lindsay. She was not only packed full of knowledge about nutrition, but Lindsay was willing to met me exactly where I was.  At our first meeting, Lindsay got to know me-my likes and dislikes, my routines, my history-everything that went into making me the person I am.  Lindsay and I came up with realistic goals for the upcoming month. I logged my food and exercise in everyday. Lindsay not only checked my log, keeping me accountable,  but gave me feedback, encouragement, and even recipes to try! Lindsay changed the way I think about food. For the first time in my life, I am eating healthy delicious food and the weight has finally come off!

Laura H.

I have worked with Lindsay for three months.  My goals were wide open and included only to "lose inches" and to learn a healthier lifestyle of eating.  Lindsay was patient and encouraging throughout the process.  She encouraged me to make small changes and to put in the hard time upfront, understanding why I was doing what I was doing correctly and changes I could make to do better.  My body completely transformed.  I lost 15 pounds, 2 pant sizes, several inches from target areas, and almost 3% body fat.  I am thrilled with my physical results but I am equally encouraged with my emotional and mental changes as well.  I don't view food as bad or good but instead as fuel for my body that I have learned to enjoy. With Lindsay's ever constant support and expertise, I leave her knowing I am much better version of myself than when I started-for me and my young, growing family.

Meghan M.