It’s time to break the “all or nothing cycle,” balance your hormones, and restore your digestive health.

Let Me Show You How to Never Diet Again

End Your Struggle With Imbalanced Hormones, Gut Dysfunction, And Zapped Energy To Restore Vitality in Your Body!

Feeling alone and overwhelmed in your health journey? 

KYPO programs were built to empower, educate, and energize you - sustainably.

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Here's how we can work together:

Get to the ROOT of your imbalances with a hybrid model of personalization and community.

Receive full access to the KYPO Program and weekly group zoom calls to support you on every step of your unique journey, as well as HTMA Testing support and an initial 1:1 session to read your results and personalize your protocol using food, movement, and lifestyle changes to restore your vitality.

Gain a deeper understanding of your body through accountability, clarity, and support from your coach and a tribe of driven and like-minded women all healing together.


Access bi-weekly 1:1 Sessions and 24/7 support to take a holistic deep dive into your health.  

Receive a finely-tuned nutrition plan based on personalized Functional testing, individualized supplement protocols, and concierge support to uncover the root causes of your hormonal imbalances. 

If you are ready to rewire the way you eat, get out of toxic diet cycles, heal your relationship with your body, and finally take the space you deserve to get back to thriving - this is for you.



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Now I have so much energy

"I was so tired all of the time, had really bad acid reflux (it felt like I was breathing fire!) and my stomach hurt after every meal. Now I have so much energy, I’m not in joint pain, I’m able to get out of bed easily, I haven't had any type of acid reflux in exactly three weeks now!! My last period was so mild and I had zero cramps which is pretty crazy. I didn't even feel super emotional! I remember how awful I felt before, and that makes me never want to go back to how I used to eat! Thank you so much."


I don't struggle with food sensitivities or bloating or an obsession with food anymore!

"I have learned lifelong habits that make a difference with my health. I don't struggle with food sensitivities or bloating or an obsession with food anymore! Thank you Lindsay for showing me a new understanding of food and my body. I couldn’t have done it without you."


I am completely free…. I am a completely different person.

"I'm not chained down anymore by fad diets. I'm not chained down by restrictions with food, I am completely free. I don't 'start over' with my health anymore. I am a completely different person. I exercise now, without anyone forcing me to do it?! I have healed my gut, my mental health and don't struggle with brain fog or migraines, my last three periods have been a breeze and I genuinely crave healthier things."

So if you're tired of...

  • Trying to do everything “right” and feeling like you are not making any progress.
  • Feeling exhausted every moment of the day and relying on sugar and caffeine for energy
  • Questioning every bite of food that you take and wondering if you are eating the right things
  • Being told that your labs are normal or your hormonal chaos should be considered normal
  • Feeling bloated, backed up, feeling swollen- Way. Too. Often.

Then It’s Time To Change!

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