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*not to be confused with keep your PANTS on.​ different guy.​ 

Hi, I'm Lindsay. AKA Keep Your Plants On.

Hi, I'm Lindsay.

I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Exercise Physiologist purposed to help women break the all or nothing cycle, end the guilt and shame of diet culture, and create their own health


I specialize in female hormones, sustainable HABITS, emotional and stress eating, and healing your relationship to your body.

Congratulations. You never have to diet again.

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what I do

I work with the people who have tried it all. 

the keto, the macros, the whole 30-ers who have decided to start again on Monday at least 3,000 times..

Your relationship to food is shot, you constantly question if you are doing this right, or doing enough.

You show up for others more than you show up for yourself, and in the back of your mind you wonder if you are actually capable of true, lasting change.


Rooted in behavior psychology, I want to educate you and empower you to build your own version of "healthy", fall in love with food, and live confidently with your body.

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We have helped over 500 clients ditch dieting and find their most vibrant health, 
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WHAT clients SAY

"I felt so free when I looked in the mirror this week. I was so thankful for my body, I felt so strong and that is so new for me!

I’m able to enjoy food without thinking about it all of the time or feeling sick or guilty after. For the first time in years I do not have bloating and I can trust my body without manipulating it."



-Stephanie S.

food for thought

food for eating



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