Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor,  Holistic Health Coach, Exercise Physiologist, and Founder of Keep Your Plants On

I am a Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor, Holistic Health Coach, Exercise Physiologist, and Founder of Keep Your Plants On, LLC. 

I help women struggling with hormonal imbalance restore their energy, revamp metabolic health, balance their hormones, banish bloat, and promote digestive healing and clear skin.

Your healing journey will combine personalized functional nutrition, herbal medicine, intuitive and enjoyable movement protocols, and stress management! Our goal is to make sustainable changes you can maintain for a lifetime. 

I graduated from Liberty University, Precision Nutrition, the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and the Functional Nutrition Alliance. On my journey to understanding the foods that make your body thrive, I studied with leading Functional Medicine experts, and discovered that the path towards true, counter cultural health was found by addressing root causes of imbalance, rather than symptom suppression. 

I believe that food is medicine. I’ve seen personally and with hundreds of clients that balanced, tailored nutrition can drastically change your life.

When it comes to your physical health, I specialize in:

  • Gut Health and Digestion - helping you overcome chronic constipation, bloating, belching, acid reflux, nutritional deficiencies, acne, brain fog, and so much more. 
  • Hormonal Imbalances - rebalancing your body to combat irregular or missing periods, painful PMS or heavy flows,sluggish metabolic function, hair loss, brittle nails, acne, fatigue, chronic stress, and low libido. 
  • The Psychology of Eating - the WHY and HOW we eat that can be just as important as what we eat. Even if you are eating all of the healthy foods, if you are still stress eating, emotional eating, and keeping a negative relationship to your food or your body, you will struggle to feel truly healthy.

My goal is to show you what energy, vitality, and balance feels like, so you will never settle for "normal" again.



The Keep Your Plants On Journey Started When I Was Just 12 years old…

As a teenager, my first period lasted 140 days. 

Yes, you read that right. 

At just 13 years old, I went on birth control to mask the problem, but it only made things worse. The introduction of hormones into my body meant I only got a period every few months. My moods began swinging like crazy, and my digestion started to fight me on everything I ate. My body would change and swell no matter what I did. 

Whilst I struggled to feel comfortable in my own body during college, I played Division 1 Volleyball and studied Exercise Science, and I began my career in health as an Exercise Physiologist. 

I was in the gym daily, yet I still felt like the most unhealthy version of myself. I was desperate to regain control of my body. So I started to control the only thing I could. Food. 

I became obsessed with macros, cut out almost every single food group, and deeply immersed myself in diet culture. And guess what? My symptoms only got worse. 

I spent thousands on testing with GI doctors, OB/gyn’s, and received diagnoses of PCOS, leaky gut, and SIBO. I felt like I was broken. I finally realized that traditional healthcare wasn’t giving the answers I needed. I knew that if I wanted to learn how to heal my body, I needed to go back to school, build a deeper understanding around my food and physiology, and find the solutions myself.  

But then everything changed...

I went back to school for Functional Nutrition, and realized I had been approaching my health all wrong. I spent the next 5 years unlearning harmful diet advice and discovered how to understand my body, how to trust it, and how to truly support its healing. 

Everything I had learned from podcasts, books, food and supplement lists, and blogs was actually causing me more harm than good.  I never learned the language of my body, I never learned that food is medicine, and I never knew how to connect the dots in my own health story. 

My biggest breakthrough came when I discovered the four components of healing that are in our control: personalized nutrition, stress management, intentional movement, and interaction with nature. 

I challenged and uprooted each of these pillars in my life. 

Sure enough, my period came back, despite my doctors telling me it wouldn’t. My bloating went away, my hair started growing back, and my energy levels skyrocketed.

I was able to gain muscle, and sleep at night, and I was no longer obsessed with perfection or restriction. I got my life back, my focus back, my freedom back. 

I realized the entire reason we pursue health is to be free and present with others, and to use our bodies to be purposeful in this world. This is what healing meant for me.

 And I Couldn’t Keep That To Myself…

I started working in Holistic Diagnostics, in charge of Stool Testing and Health Coaching at Salveo Diagnostics, which is where I fell in love with Functional Medicine and the psychology of behavior and lifestyle changes. 

It was incredible, but I wanted to reach more women,  to empower and elevate them  on a larger scale than I could in 1:1 meetings. 

I wanted to scream from the rooftops and show every woman how eating well, moving their body, and managing their stress could open them up to vibrant and confident lives…  not just for the week or the month, but sustainably! 

So 4 years ago I built Keep Your Plants On to educate and empower women on their nutrition, their bodies, and how to take control of their health.

Since then, I’ve had the privilege to help over 600 clients recover their periods, balance their hormones, restore their digestion, revitalize their energy, clear their skin, and break out ofendless diet cycles.  Keep Your Plants On is here to connect the dots for you. To show you that your body is always responding to its environment, and to prove that healing is possible and more in your control than you ever imagined.

Start Your Journey To Optimal Health Today!

Fun facts!

I have three golden men in my life, two golden retrievers and one very blond husband.

My all time favorite food is tahini, which you will learn as you go through the KYPO Course (don’t knock it till you try it!)

I believe that the most efficient form of exercise is the one that you love: and that’s why you will find me rollerblading most days.

Food is not just physical, it’s social and emotional. it is one of the most binding things we have with other human beings. If your “healing diet” is stressing you out, it’s not healing you.

Ready to restore your health, holistically?