keep your plants on for good

You will learn:


your mindset

your goals

your environment

your kitchen

your pantry

your habits

how to

 cook real food

grocery shop

eat to clear your skin

eat to prevent inflammation

meal prep using my easy 30/2 method

follow an ebook of over 50+ of my favorite recipes 

sift through the noise about









fad diets

"diet" that works best for YOU

healthy habits that matter to you

fasting window

realistic morning and evening routines

favorite recipes, go-to weeknight dinners, desserts, and snacks

create your own


being social and healthy

eating out

falling off the wagon

ditching your "all or nothing" mentality

"Lindsay changed the way I think about food. For the first time in my life, I am eating healthy delicious food and the weight has finally come off!"

-Laura H

​The entire Keep Your Plants On For Good 12 week program accessed from your easy-to-use learning platform

24/7 access during and after the course, accessible from anywhere in the world on a smartphone, tablet, or computer

My new KYPO Cookbook filled with 50+ of my best new recipes for you to keep!

Weekly videos and takeaways for you to understand a certain topic and immediately apply it to your life

20 downloadable PDF's 

Seasonal downloadable Grocery Lists 


Weekly check in calls with your KYPO Health Coach to guide your progress and hold extra accountability*

You will get:

Keep Your Plants on for Good is the best health program out there. It’s incredibly easy to follow and the meal plan is beyond delicious. I noticed a change in my energy levels, mood, and body in the first week! Lindsay is full of wisdom and encouragement! She makes everything so easy to understand and is always there to answer any questions I have. I finally feel like I truly understand how to have a healthy lifestyle and make it last. This program is truly amazing and I’d recommend it to everyone!


-Meagan C

"I am way less bloated, not even looking at the calories anymore. Showing up for MYSELF, not for the calories I am burning in a workout. I'm more experimental with food and has made me enjoy eating again and cooking!

I’m more knowledgeable of what food does to my body and how it communicates with it.

I’m more forgiving of myself.

I turned my love for walking to having fun with working out. I’m not constantly thinking about the next meal.

I’m more mindful on the weekends. I drink so much less and try my best to stay true to myself, but if I go to have pizza or pasta bc that’s just what we do, I don’t overdo it bc I don’t live in the binge restrict cycle anymore.

I just feel better. I can have coffee!!! Like omg.

I don’t step on the scale on Monday and hate myself. I’m more present and I’ve pushed myself to take time to slow down.

I’m not fixing myself, I’m growing. The process is my focus.

Ive stopped seeing anything as a little win. Everything is a big win bc small changes are what make ultimate growth.

Today was the first time Ive been happy in a bikini in FOREVER!!!

I'm focused on feeling my best and losing weight comes easy now!

 I'm so excited to sustain this! I video taped my happy dance so I don’t forget this feeling!"


"I had tried every diet you can imagine and destroyed my relationship to food. This program with the weekly coaching is the best investment I have ever made... In this short amount of time I have lost weight, focused less on the scale, and more on what my body actually needs. Lindsay is quite possibly the best cheerleader in life, so if you become a client, expect to gain a friendship."


"I'm not even just proud of myself but excited!! I am 100% committed to keeping this as a lifestyle because of how amazing I feel. I have lost ** pounds and I am SO content and overjoyed with your recipes and my new habits! It is so satisfying to watch the fat just melt off without restriction. It is a miracle!"


"I'm down ** pounds since starting!  

I am encouraged and confident I can keep this up for life.

I don't even feel like I have "tried" to work at it.  I haven't felt restricted at all because I'm not on a diet . I'm striving to listen to my body and nourish it. 

I'm learning to care for it and I'm not wanting to sabotage myself anymore. 

Thank you thank you for all of your help so far. I know I have so much more to learn and grow and experience and I'm so excited.  "



"I felt so free when I looked in the mirror this week. I was so thankful for my body, I felt  so strong and that is so new for me!

I’m able to enjoy food without thinking about it all of the time or feeling sick or guilty after. For the first time in years I do not have bloating and I can trust my body without manipulating it."


“KYPO has helped me make more progress with my relationship with food than I have made with any program, diet, or food plan before (and trust me I have pretty much tried them all). Sure, I’ve lost ** pounds but the biggest improvement has been in my heart and my mind. Instead of setting unrealistic goals or relying on sheer will power alone, Lindsay has taught me to create systems based on my ‘why’ that are sustainable and attainable. She has taught me to truly pay attention to the foods I am eating and how they make me feel so I can make informed decisions about my diet (even while on vacation!!). I’m so excited about how my identity and relationship with my health has changed and am excited to cary the lessons I’ve learned into a lifetime of balanced living.”


I don’t even know where to start cause this has been a crazy/amazing journey. I mean the best part of all of this is how FREEING it’s been. From looking back on what it took before for me to be healthy (i.e. very unhealthy, inconsistent and unsustainable), remembering the restrictions I “had” to put on myself and the rules to get “results” (again, never sustained) and just the unhealthy relationship with food I’ve had in the past over all. It really is just so crazy to see the freedom I have now to choose foods for me based off what’s beneficial for me AND I can enjoy food without guilt. Also losing weight without even trying it feels like and creating habits that stick and are lasting. AND I have only done one full meal prep in all these weeks but it’s the mentality and habits I’m creating to have the consciousness to choose better choices is what’s going to sustain. It’s just crazy I’m actually changing my life. 

Becca D.

"I reached out to Lindsay because I ultimately wanted more for my life.  I needed hope that there could be more than the chronic dissatisfaction and constant undertones of feeling unfulfilled that have manifested in eating disorders and a negative relationship with food throughout my life.

I am an athlete, a yoga enthusiast, and have always prided myself on thoroughly educating myself on health information.  And yet, despite this knowledge, I have battled with body image and fixated on dieting for a very long time.

I remember my first conversation with Lindsay; true to her style, she cut straight to the point: "What is your intention here?".  I started launching into how I wanted to have better eating habits, lose weight, etc etc, but she quickly stopped me.  "No, Elisabeth, what I mean is- what is your purpose for who you are?"


Healing, I came to understand, is not one dimensional; growth in any parts of our lives requires a deeper look at the identities that we mindfully nurture. Lindsay helped guide me to a deeper awareness of the unfulfilled parts of my identity, and gave me a wonderfully diverse set of tools to simultaneously act on creating balance.  Her knowledge, patience, book recommendations, access to (very delicious!) recipes, and wisdom from years of coaching experience are just a few of the things that she shared with me.


 There are so many learning moments, that I have lost count, but will be forever grateful for the transformation I continue to experience.  

I am beautifully transformed. Physically yes (yes for radiant skin a la #bigglasssmoothies :), but more importantly, I perceive more: someone who is a strong woman who works hard and passionately; who is a martial artist, a violinist, a linguist, an idealist, a teacher.  And I see someone who will continue to learn and grow more in her life.  And I am exactly where I should be right now.

Thank you, Lindsay!"



I have worked with Lindsay for three months.  My goals were wide open and included only to "lose inches" and to learn a healthier lifestyle of eating.  Lindsay was patient and encouraging throughout the process.  She encouraged me to make small changes and to put in the hard time upfront, understanding why I was doing what I was doing correctly and changes I could make to do better.  My body completely transformed.  I lost ** pounds, 2 pant sizes, several inches from target areas, and almost 3% body fat.  I am thrilled with my physical results but I am equally encouraged with my emotional and mental changes as well.  I don't view food as bad or good but instead as fuel for my body that I have learned to enjoy. With Linsday's ever constant support and expertise, I leave her knowing I am much better version of myself than when I started-for me and my young, growing family.


-Meghan M.

Lindsay is your biggest supporter. She’s encouraging, she’s real, and she is so well rounded in both nutrition and exercise. 

Her program is more than knowledge, it’s a lifestyle that is SUSTAINABLE. After five years of an unhealthy mindset in food/exercise and loss of period, her program and support have altered my life. It has brought me out of the darkest cycle that I began to believe would never change. 

Her program gave me hope, stretched my comfort zones and made me feel myself again! Not only will you start to feel your best, you’ll gain knowledge, confidence and most importantly a great friend. Don’t wait, DO IT!


Stop negotiating your health and start prioritizing it.

**I will not post the lbs lost of clients. You don't need to compare yourself to someone else. 

What if you could reach your body's best health, energy, and weight without obsessing over food? 

What if you don't have to fit yourself into vegan, paleo, keto, or a miracle shake diet to be the most vibrant version of yourself?

What if you found what works for YOU and were finally able to stick to it? 

I want to teach you how to make your own food rules, not follow someone else's.

I want to take you off the market...

the DIET market.

My new program, Keep Your Plants On  for good  is a culmination of the most impactful, transformative content I've gathered from over 100 clients and my own personal experience wrapped in a 12 week course designed to change your health for good.

Want to work with your coach 1:1? 

Lindsay Tobias

CHHC, CPT, Owner of KYPO


Sam Weirzbicki

Health Coach, Dietetic Intern

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