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get to the root of your hormonal and digestive imbalances
stop restricting food
and finally understand it

stop using exercise as punishment
balance your hormones, clear your skin, feel energized
get results and actually KEEP them.
make your own food rules, instead of following everyone else's.

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Congratulations, you never have to diet again.


Does this sound like you?


Your gut is imbalanced.
You can go days without pooping, you are  bloated all of the time, you struggle with fatigue and headaches.


Your hormones are wonky.

Your period is painful and/or irregular. Your sleep and energy is inconsistent, and your skin flares up with acne all too often.


You have tried every diet around.

Now you aren't sure if carbs are good or bad, if you should be eating meat, sleeping more, or doing marathons.


You feel like you use food as comfort.

Like you are "addicted" to sugar, and you find yourself turning to food when you are stressed or emotional.

We can help with that. 

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Keep Your Plants On is the 12 week mind and body Health Program that has

transformed over 600 clients

Everything you need to know about your nutrition, metabolism, hormones, digestion, and sustainable habit formation wrapped up into 12 modules of weekly science backed educational videos, weekly grocery lists and meal prep tutorials, and over 100+ PDFs you can keep for life. 

Copy of Copy of Copy of weekly grocery l

Watch what we can do with twelve weeks. 

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12 weeks to personalize and reshape your nutrition, heal your relationship with food, learn how to move and build sustainable habits that change your LIFE, not your month. 

Weekly nutrition videos less than 20 minutes that educate and empower you, without giving you new rules to follow.
Weekly grocery lists & meal prep tutorials teaching you how to make and ENJOY real food. (+ cooking tutorials with a professional chef!)
Personalized habit trackers that help you track your food, hunger, sleep, movement, steps, hydration, stress, and enjoyment.

24/7 access during and after the course, accessible from anywhere in the world on your own KYPO App!

The KYPO Cookbook filled with 70+ of my favorite recipes for you to keep, seasonal grocery guides, restaurant and snack guides, and over 50 PDF's!
Bi-weekly check in calls with your KYPO Health Coach to guide your progress and hold extra accountability*

you will get:

Copy of Copy of Copy of recipe by Lindsa
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Complete access to the program resources, cookbook, videos, and curriculum forever.

12 weekly nutrition modules, grocery lists, meal prep tutorials, and all of the KYPO Functional Nutrition Content + PDF's. 

  • Modules released weekly + habit trackers included.


  • Bi-weekly meetings to go through the KYPO Course diving WAY deeper into your Gut Health, Hormonal Balance, or Food Freedom (depending on which group you join!)

  • 24/7 communication with your group and Coach

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  • Full access to all KYPO Course education + Bi-weekly, 1:1 coaching calls to dive deeply into your root causes and personalized protocol.

  • We use Nutrient and Cortisol testing + more individualized food and lifestyle changes to track hormonal and digestive balance. 

  • 24/7 Access to your KYPO Coach. 

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"I can not tell you the changes I have experienced when I am not restricting myself. I HAVE FELT ENERGIZED for the first time in ever. I can't even tell you how much my mind has changed so far.

- T.D.

Alright now VEGANS, YEAA_You know you ba


understand blood sugar, inflammation, macronutrients, gluten, dairy, how to read a nutrition label, and understand YOUR portions.


Eat to clear your skin, decrease bloat, prioritize mental health, and balance hormones.


never fall for a fad diet again.

**I will not post the lbs lost of clients. You don't need to compare yourself to someone else. 

what CLIENTS say

"I have learned so much from you - I’ve been in therapy for 3 years and have learned more about my body and disordered thoughts in these past 12 weeks than from those 3 years, just thank you so so much!"

- S.S.

Stop negotiating your health and start prioritizing it.

meet your KYPO Coach 


Lindsay Tobias

Certified Holistic Health Coach, Owner of KYPO. 

habit formation + sustainable nutrition + tackling the root causes of your symptoms.