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stop starting over every Monday

stop restricting food and finally understand it

stop using exercise as punishment

balance your hormones, clear your skin, feel energized

get results and actually KEEP them.

make your own food rules, instead of following everyone else's.

Congratulations, you never have to diet again.


Years of dieting have taught you that you are not trustworthy.

That you need rules, diets, detoxes, or calorie counters to tell you how to be healthy.


Keep Your Plants On For Good is the 12 week mind, body, and soul Health Program that has

Everything you need to know about your food, your brain, your body, and your habits wrapped up into 12 modules of weekly videos, grocery lists, meal prep, tutorials, and takeaways.

transformed over 400 clients


You can build your own health.

When you truly understand nutrition, heal your relationship to food, learn how to listen to your body instead of fighting it, and start building sustainable, personalized habits for your own life, you will find your health is actually pretty effortless, natural, and fulfilling. 

No more guilt, no more restricting, no more questioning.

this is for you if you are:

you will learn:


Tired of the all or nothing cycle. Tired of feeling like health is too hard.


You have tried every diet around.

Now you aren't sure if carbs are good or bad, if you should be eating meat, sleeping more, or doing marathons.


Most days come with a 3 pm slump, you need coffee to wake up, feel bloated after meals, and your cycle can be all over the place.


You feel like you use food as comfort.

Like you are "addicted" to sugar, and you find yourself turning to food when you are stressed or emotional.

you will learn:

Alright now VEGANS, YEAA_You know you ba


understand blood sugar, inflammation, macronutrients, gluten, dairy, how to read a nutrition label, and understand YOUR portions.


Eat to clear your skin, decrease bloat, prioritize mental health, and balance hormones.


never fall for a fad diet again.

"Lindsay changed the way I think about food. For the first time in my life, I am eating healthy delicious food and the weight has finally come off!"

-Laura H

you will get:

12 weeks to reshape your mindset around food, movement, your body, and your health. 


Weekly videos, tutorials, PDF's, and takeaways for you to understand each educational module and immediately apply it to your life.


Weekly grocery lists & meal prep tutorials teaching you how to make and ENJOY real food. 

24/7 access during and after the course, accessible from anywhere in the world on a smartphone, tablet, or computer

The KYPO Cookbook filled with 70+ of my favorite recipes for you to keep!


Weekly check in calls with your KYPO Health Coach to guide your progress and hold extra accountability*

**I will not post the lbs lost of clients. You don't need to compare yourself to someone else. 

what CLIENTS say

"I felt so free when I looked in the mirror this week. I was so thankful for my body, I felt so strong and that is so new for me!

I’m able to enjoy food without thinking about it all of the time or feeling sick or guilty after. For the first time in years I do not have bloating and I can trust my body without manipulating it."



-Stephanie S.

Stop negotiating your health and start prioritizing it.



Lindsay Tobias

Certified Holistic Health Coach, Owner of KYPO. 

behavior psychology + sustainable nutrition.

Sam Weirzbicki

Health Coach, Dietetic Intern

the last dietitian you will ever see. 


Santa Rosa Beach, FL



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