How To Stop Tracking Your Macros with Your KYPO Coaches

"If you are giving over 50% of your thoughts towards your food, weighing, counting, and calculating every bite, are you controlling your food or is your food controlling you?"

Ahhh, macronutrients. You may have heard about these if you have been in the wellness space long enough. You may have even been tracking them for the last decade!

Sam and I wanted to take a moment to elaborate on the what and why behind macro counting, where it goes wrong, and how you can heal from that food obsession.

How to tell if tracking has gone too far:

You feel obsessive with food.
You think about food more than 15% of your day.
You stop tracking if you realize you will “go over for the day” because you feel shame.
You say no to social events because you don't know if it will fit your macros.
You see food as numbers, and can calculate each meal in your head.
You opt for more processed foods/ less nutrient dense foods because these can have lower carbs/calories/fat.
You feel obligated to eat everything on your plate regardless of your hunger because you already logged it

If you resonate with this list, this episode is for you. There is light at the end of the tunnel, I promise.

We will walk you through how to ease back into food freedom without all of your worst fears (losing control, falling off the wagon, gaining all of the weight) coming true.

If this resonates with you at all, reach out and build your healthiest, freedom filled life with us at Keep Your Plants On.

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