Replenish Your Adrenals and Restore Your Nutrition with Whitney Mundell

Today on the podcast we have Whitney Mundell, Founder of Restored Nutrition and Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. Whitney is passionate about helping people restore balance to their bodies, in the same way she worked through her own IBS and health struggles.

Today we dive into the meaning of RESTORED. Why does our health need to be restored? Why may your relationship to food need some TLC, based on the culture and conversations around us.

The main focus of today's show is adrenal health. In the pyramid of hormonal health, Whitney deems adrenal health the most important and most influential in bringing us towards or away from balance. It starts with our adrenals, then our thyroid, then the ovaries.

So what do our adrenals do? And what happens when they are not working optimally?
We walk you through the tangible habits of replenishing and resting, and how to teach your body to HEAL ITSELF.

If you have been stressed and inflamed for what feels like forever, we not only need to CHILL, but you need nutrients!
You will learn some myth busting on salt, one of the most mineral rich foods you can eat, (in the right quality!)

We even get PG13 for a moment helping you understand the correlation between your sex and stress hormones ;)

Bring a notebook and get excited to learn something in this episode!

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