The NON-Linear Health Journey with KYPO Nutritionist Ashley

Season #2

For the FIRST KYPOdcast Episode of the Second Season, PLEASE WELCOME ASHLEY STANEK, our newest, hippest, and smartest KYPO Coach and Functional Nutritionist!
Today we dive into Ashley’s story and how messy and non- linear a “health journey" can really be.

We get pretty raw on the perils of the Gymnastics, Ballet, and Long Distance Running fields on a young Childs relationship to their body, and the way that it affected Ashley, (and millions of others). Ashley recounts the ways that her obsession with healthy eating started stealing from her, and her body started breaking down as a response.

We talk about the loud screamers in our industry, making you think that there is a one size fits all approach to health. Disclaimer, there isn’t.

“The advice that everyone should get more sun is helpful, I could give you 100 reasons why you may benefit from more sunlight exposure. But that advice isn’t helpful if you are sunburnt.”

Ashley gets the opportunity to pick up the younger version of herself that is deep in struggle and give her the advice that she needed, the advice that so many of us may need today.

-The psychological component of eating, and how this can change the way we digest it
-Your life is meant to be lived. Food is such a small, yet easily overblown component of that.
-How to tune out the noise around you and find ANSWERS.

Ashley is officially working as a Functional Nutritionist with KYPO TAKING 1:1 CLIENTS now, so if her story resonated with you please reach out today! We would love to start your non-linear health journey with you, too.
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