Eating Like An Athlete (Or a Human) With Jessica The Sports RD

Season #2

This week’s conversation is with Jessica THE Sports RD, you know, the one who works with the LA Clippers, who dances on tiktok to make fun of blasphemous nutrition misinformation? Yeah, that one.

I loved getting to dive into Jessica’s story, from disordered eating as a body builder to teaching the world’s super athletes how to eat. We talk about the integral and surprising role RUGBY had in recovering from diet culture.

Jessica shares how her life opened up when she stopped fixating on food, and how her health got significantly better when she stopped restricting and started to EAT.

Which leads us down a rabbit trail of what it means to eat like an athlete, and a human in general.
What does RECOVERY actually mean?
What are the most important things to focus on with refueling: when it comes to sleep, hydration, meal timing, protein to carb ratios, the whole piñata.
The truth behind (often unnecessary) supplementation, the lack of regulation of the supplement industry, and what to look for in supplements that actually work.

Lastly, we talk about periodization in athletics: how athletes train at differing intensities at different phases of the year. Yet, after college athletics, normal people are expected to train at the same intensity, with no off season, no tapering, or changing expectations (& how to break that cycle!)

I hope you learn so much from this episode, I know we had a great time! You can follow Jessica on instagram @jessicathesportsrd and her website

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