How Nature Restores Mental Rest and Physical Recovery with Emma Loewe

Season #2

It was such an honor to have this conversation with Emma Loewe, Senior Sustainability Editor at mindbodygreen and Author of Return to Nature, The New Science of How Natural Landscapes Restore Us. Is it okay to admit this was probably my favorite podcast I have ever recorded?
In this episode, we dive into what it looks like to simplify wellness, and without being too cheesy, to Return to Nature. We explore the physiological and psychological effects of different terrains: like oceans, deserts, parks, forests, and even snow.

One of the most profound responses of nature is AWE: what we feel when we are faced with a perceived vastness. "Research has found that awe is one of the few emotions that make it okay for us to change our minds about things, and can reorganize the way we see the world in front of us."
This is why I call nature The Great Reprioritizer: because it makes you feel small, it can dwarf the issues that seemed enormous before you started your walk in the park. Nature can serve as mental rest, when there aren’t that many other sources of it in our busy lives.
Don’t for a second think that you can’t get into nature if you live far from it, or if you live somewhere that it is icy half the year, or if you just aren’t “outdoorsy.” That’s like saying a fish isn’t really into water. If you are human, you are outdoorsy.

There are beautiful systems jumping into place all over the world to get people more in touch with our environment: walk with a doc, forest bathing, nature walks, etc… And there are tools to disconnect from technology or stressors and reconnect to the world around us, we just need to use them. This episode shows you WHY to return to nature, and then will get you excited about how to do so.

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