Healing Cystic Acne with Herbal Medicine and Plants with Carolyn Yachanin

Season #2

Today's episode is all about SKIN with Carolyn Yachanin, founder and CEO of Copina Co, a plant based collagen company born out of her experience healing her cystic acne and gut health issues through holistic medicine.

We journey through Carolyn's story with cystic acne, gut health, and getting on prescriptions for her skin from a VERY young age! We journey through the pressure of having constantly perfect skin or health in this industry, and the fulfilling pursuit of imperfection.

Habits that were essential in Carolyn's skin journey:

1. Shifting coffee to matcha.
2. Waking up and doing morning pages.
3. Using your fridge as skincare:
Here's a sneak peak of Carolyn’s favorite face mask recipe:

Manuka honey

WHY: Chlorophyll helps to cleanse the skin, Manuka honey balances the bacteria on your face, and the Lactic Acid from whole milk yogurt works as a natural exfoliant.

4. Lymphatic drainage massages, running, yoga, jumping, cold to hot showers.

5. Shifting to more balanced, fat, fiber, and protein dense way of eating. Instead of eating as little as possible, healing her body meant nourishing it.

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