Walk With A Doc with Founder, Dr. David Sabgir

Season #2

Joining us today is Board Certified Cardiologist and Founder of Walk With a Doc, Dr. David Sabgir! Dr. David is the epitome of walking the walk in the health industry. About 20 years ago, after feeling frustrated with how little he felt he could do for the activity and exercise of patients, Dr. David invited all of his patients to a walk in the park with him and his family on the weekend. Thus, a movement was born where Doctors and future Doctors can meet up with patients and communities in large groups at local parks and walk, talk, and answer questions on the weekends. WWAD now has over 552 Chapters in 47 countries, 46 states, and holds over 8,200 events per year.

We walk through Dr. David's story on starting WWAD, and why he chose walking as the perfect modality for our mental, emotional, and physical health. This episode will challenge your all or nothing mentality on movement and exercise, it's for the person that feel like walking is not "worth it," or you don't see how you could fit it into your life because of time, weather, or accessibility to nature.

We talk about the benefits of outdoor and activity based movements like WWAD on the health of a community, and how it works to bridge gaps and mend barriers in a community, diving into some of his favorite success stories.

This episode will be sure to encourage you and help you rethink the way you do movement, community, and the outdoors.

Learn more about this movement at www.walkwithadoc.org.
You can contact Dr. David at: [email protected] where you can ask for a walk in your own city!

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