Debunking Nutrition Gimmicks with Dr. Adrian Chavez

Season #2

I'm so honored to introduce Dr. Adrian Chavez, an incredibly knowledgeable Nutritionist, notorious diet debunker, and self proclaimed Anti Biohacker. Today we are following one objective: helping you see through the wellness industry and find information that is helpful for you, rather than great marketing.

We dive into Dr. Adrian's work in Academia, how the world of Academia doesn't account for practical human behavior, and how it transformed the way he helps clients today.

Dr. Adrian and I both share sketchy (and unethical) marketing advice we have received from high ticket consultants that shed light on why consumers are confused, constantly diagnosing themselves, and believing the rhetoric that they are endlessly broken.

We break through the BS of some of the most common Nutrition Ideologies that are recruiting cult followings: Carnivore, Low Fat, Vegan, and some of the expensive products that are making you believe that your health should be difficult.

Nutrition is too often a business rather than a science, and this episode will give you a new lens to see through the gimmicks!

Most importantly, this episode is filled with celebrating the fundamental (and too often overlooked!) principles that make the human body thrive.

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