The Lost Art of Eating (for Satisfaction)

Season #2

Have you ever wondered if the way that you THINK about food can change even the way that your body digests and metabolizes it? If so, you’d be SPOT ON. Your brain is so much more dynamic in the role of metabolism, digestion, and your relationship to food than you may realize.

The questions, “What should I be eating?” Is this good for me? or how much fat is in that?" all deal with the way our western minds love to think about food: physically.

But looking at food only physically gives us an incomplete story: one where we are frustrated that we HAVE to have dessert every night, why food can feel so comforting, why we feel out of control around certain foods, and why we feel so unsatisfied after eating a fat free high fiber bran muffin.

This short (20 minute!) episode covers:

The primal reasons we eat outside of satisfying hunger
The role of Leptin and Ghrelin, your fullness and hunger hormones, and an interesting study that will make you step away from the "diet foods"
The difference between hunger and appetite
How food labeling of “guilt free, gluten free, sugar free” messes with how MUCH of the foods we are consuming
New ways of prioritizing satisfaction and appetite for your health.

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