Combatting “Diet Talk" and the Psychology of Body Image with The Realistic Body Therapist

Season #2

In this episode with The Realistic Body Therapist, Clinical Psychologist Zeynep Demirelli shares about her too long isolated journey through her own eating disorder and body image struggles, and how that led her to becoming one of the most encouraging Clinical Psychologists online today.

“Wow did you lose weight?”
“My thighs are so big.”
“I need to start a diet when we get back from vacation.”

Fat talk and diet talk is all around us. In this episode, Zeynep dives into what this type of language is doing to our perceptions of our bodies, our minds, and our health. We talk through an encouraging new outlook on thinking and speaking VERY differently about our bodies, meeting our inner critic, and having a response to ourselves and others even in the most challenging settings.

Zeynep gives insight on the psychology behind bad body image days, and what our brains may be communicating beyond insecurity in our skin.

Most importantly, this episode is packed not just with the WHY behind body image issues, but tons of tangible takeaways that Zeynep and I both use with clients every day.

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