Your Mental Health Checklist with The Anxiety Doc, Dr. Jenn Anders

Season #2

I am so excited to introduce you to Dr. Jenn Anders, AKA The Anxiety Doc. Jenn is a Licensed School Psychologist, Registered Psychotherapist and mental health advocate who has helped thousands manage and even get rid of their anxiety.

Building an internal vs external locust of control
How to challenge anxious thoughts (+ examples that Dr. Jenn uses daily!)
Choosing the stories we believe
How our vocation can impact our anxiety

Finding the movement that matches with your energy levels
What the SMILE Trial tells us about how powerfully food can impact our mental health
Key nutrients to pay attention to for better mental health outcomes

+ we get pretty personal challenging my own fears of rejection, literary agents, the ugly side of entrepreneurship, and the giant social experiment of adding in social media screen time for 8 hours a day. *PS the book by Johann Hari is called Lost Connections, not *missed* connections.

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