Client Testimonials

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"I went to the doc because my period was gone and my hair was falling out and I was told everything was normal.


JUST 10 weeks into paying attention to my food, I have had 2 easy periods, my hair isn’t falling out, and I have my libido back!! I am so thankful!"


"I feel so much lighter, less inflamed, thinner, my skin is so much clearer and less puffy, and my energy is so much higher.


It's hard to believe, honestly.


I just feel so educated overall. I loved learning all of this so much because it debunked some of the things I had believed about dieting, exercise, mental health, and my hormones. 


I am finally free!!


I have learned so much from you-I’ve been in therapy for 3 years and have learned more about my body and disordered thoughts in these past 12 weeks than from those 3 years, just thank you so so much!

 What Clients Say 
"There are genuinely no words to adequately describe how much Lindsay and her program have helped me. I came to her seven months ago with a crippling eating disorder, addiction to exercise, digestion issues, and I also hadn't had a period in over 6 months. She met me in one of the darkest periods of my life and welcomed me with open arms.
She helped me identify and confront the root causes of my struggles and taught me how to overcome them. She allowed me to be vulnerable with her and myself week in and week out, which allowed me to slowly heal my relationship with myself and food. She helped me establish new sustainable habits, new ways of thinking, and create the life I've always wanted to live. Through working with Lindsay and completing her program, I rediscovered love for myself, my body, exercise, got my period back, and completely changed my relationship to food. 
I feel the best I've ever felt and cannot believe I'm where I'm at today compared to where I was 7 months ago. Lindsay's support, encouragement, expertise, and wisdom changed my life and I could never thank her enough!" - C.H.

What Clients Say

"I felt so free when I looked in the mirror this week. I was so thankful for my body, I felt so strong and that is so new for me!" -S.S.