Feed Your Soul with Dr. Julie T. Anné

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I did something exciting.

You know how I am usually way to passionate about your health? And if given the opportunity will spend the next 3 hours of your day talking about ways you can improve it? Well now I am going to do so in a much more controlled way..I am talking to the most intelligent, impactful, and inspiring people I can find and I am sharing those conversations with you on A PODCAST!


Without further ado, EPISODE 1 (you can listen by clicking here):

Have you ever stopped to wonder why diets don't work? I mean, if all it really comes down to is eating the right foods at the right times, shouldn't everyone be able to sustain the "perfect diet?"

At some point we have to look at the person. So let's look at you. There are a million factors that contribute to your health: sleep, stress, activity level, hormonal balance, energy balance, relationships, and here comes the big one: YOUR RELATIONSHIP TO FOOD.

It's not normal for 80% of your thoughts to be about your weight or your food.

It's not "healthy" to fixate on every calorie or to live in fear of certain foods.  

It's not something to be ashamed about to use food to cope with stress.

It's not sustainable to constantly require discipline or willpower to be "healthy."

But there is hope.  

One of my favorite conversations about this is with Dr. Julie:

Dr. Julie T Anné is one of the pioneers to challenge and change the myth that once you have struggled with disordered eating, you are destined to struggle with it for the rest of your life.

Instead, she preaches and guides patients through FULL and lasting recovery. Today on the podcast we are talking about the deeper work it takes to get there.

The more that our nation diets, the more that it backfires into emotional eating. Dr. Julie teaches about the response that we have in our society to chronic dieting. Weighing kids, doctors office visits, PE teachers making children walk the length of football fields in order to show how much it takes to burn off an M&M.

Which leads us to this shocking statistic: Adolescents who diet are at a 324% greater risk of being obese as an adult.

(Pssst... you will have to listen to the episode to learn why!)

What does it look like when we start to create an obsession or a fixation with food?

How do we break the insanely toxic cycle of dieting, especially when it is bombarding us from every angle in our lives?

What if we started listening to internal cues rather than external cues...

Internal cues give us what Dr. Julie explains as intuitive eating, when we start to listen to our bodies. When we spend years listening to everyone else's food rules, to what we should be doing, or using food as comfort, those internal cues get scrambled.


There is a huge difference between physical hunger and emotional need.

 "When we are ill-equipped to respond to our emotions, our self, our needs and our life, in a healthy and direct manner, AND we have been introduced to food as a primary means to comfort our self and to feel better, we turn to food as a means to cope."

When we feel unfulfilled, we find ourselves using food to FILL us up.

What do you use to fill yourself up? What does it mean to feed your soul?


The Deeper Work:

Dr. Julie talks about long term stress management as an essential portion to a healthy relationship to your food and yourself. There are so many avenues that stress can creep in, but what if it is some sort of trauma that you've never dealt with? What does it look like if it comes from family?

“If you’re too comfortable for too long, you’re not doing what you need to do.”

While it is imperative to take our lives and our health into our control, sometimes it is not that easy. And today on the show, we are not backing away from tackling what is in our control with COVID-19.

  • having more time does not mean productivity, but intentional time is productivity.

  • how do you listen to your soul with the extra time that we have?

  • how is your happiness in your control?

  • using your voice

  • feeding your creativity (TRY NEW THINGS)


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