3 Ingredient Meals For When You Physically Can Not

Produce in wooden boxes

Picture this, it's Thursday night. Not Friday night, not yet. You are completely exhausted from the week but not exhausted enough for it to be the weekend. 

You open your fridge anndd..... nothing. So you order uber eats for the fourth time this month because "HEALTH IS TOO HARD"

I understand that so much! But it doesn't have to be hard!

On its own, health isn't convenient, but you can make it convenient!

Here are my favorite, tried and true 3 ingredients recipes when I physically can not muster the strength to turn on the oven.


For starters, get easier ingredients:

-You can get organic microwaveable rice, quinoa, or grains that are ready in 90 seconds. Do this.

-Buy hummus, pre made guacamole, pesto, or pico de gallo to save you time.

(you don't have to make these things from scratch to reap their health benefits!)

-Buy pre chopped veggies or frozen chopped veggies so that you can simply dump them on a tray or a skillet with some seasonings and have them ready!

-Consider buying a rotisserie chicken (they make these organic!), hard boiled eggs, or sliced proteins if you are really low on time or don't want to cook!

-Consider prepping some foods beforehand if you have a busy week!

-Have your "stressed out" go to's. (Mine are listed here!)



-this requires a little prep beforehand to have your sweet potatoes baked (or microwaved for 8 minutes!) but comes together in a flash.

Grab your rotisserie chicken shreds, open your baked sweet potato, and top with 1-2 tbsp pesto! Is also great over some rice/quinoa (also microwaveable!)




Slice a bell pepper lengthwise, fill both halves with some hummus, top with sliced turkey. (maybe some sriracha!)



Open and drain a can of black beans, mix with a container of pico de gallo. Top of a tortilla or on some rice and add avocado. (can be great with tahini too!)



Boil water on the stove, add chickpea pasta & go take a shower/change your clothes/walk your dog.

Come back and drain the pasta, add some marinara (get creative with different flavor options!), and add some goat cheese, basil, or sundried tomatoes if you are feeling crazy!



A millennial staple. Toast some bread (or use another sweet potato!), add some guacamole (again, this can be storebought!), and add an egg (you can microwave if you need to!)

top with some Everything But The Bagel Seasoning.


Last but not least, when I am really donezo, it's probably going to be a smoothie for dinner night. Making sure I am having a source of protein and fat (avocado, almond butter, cashews, coconut milk) and some fiber from fruits and veggies. It really hits all of the essentials!


Hope these help! I hope your go to meals start to shift!