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You will learn:

  • The Gut- Hormone Connection: why detoxification is an ESSENTIAL part of keeping your hormones in balance (and how to poop daily!)
  • The Stress - Hormone Connection: The relationship between your sex and stress hormones, and how we need to think of stress very differently to finally heal.
  • Balancing Your Blood Sugar: How the balance of fiber, fat, and protein, can be the most important change you make to your nutrition for your hormones.
  • The Missed Link of Mineral Balance: Why most of us are deficient in vitamins and minerals like magnesium, calcium, zinc, Vitamin D, and how that affects how we function on a cellular level. More importantly, how to boost your nutrition and restore mineral balance to your body for WAY more energy. (and why this may NOT look like taking more supplements!)
With the tangible steps inside this webinar, I’ll prove that you can balance your hormones AND boost your energy, naturally!
  • Tired of googling your symptoms
  • Struggling with painful periods, irregular cycles, zero sex drive, cystic or hormonal acne, constipation, zero sex drive, headaches, and brain fog
  • You feel way too bloated, way too often.
  • Tired of being TIRED! Needing caffeine or sugar for “pick me ups”
  • Ready to support your natural rhythms and learn your blood sugar, how to eat to lower inflammation, and how your food can actually give you a pain free period!
  • You feel like you have “tried everything” and are ready for clarity and personalization.

Thursday, 12/15 at 5 CST, 6 EST, and 7 MST.

This event will be 60 minutes, and I will be staying after to answer questions, so be sure to carve out about 70 minutes for some YOU time! Sign up below!